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Collection Wallpaper and Picture Doraemon

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Collection Wallpaper and Picture Doraemon  | Who does not know Doraemon, a Japanese anime series that is always present every week to accompany our childhood since 1989. Doraemon story is actually about the same each episode. Nobita, after failing a test after school or harassed by Giant and Suneo, Doraemon will always come to ask for help. Doraemon then will usually help Nobita using advanced tools of his magic bag; equipment is often used as "bamboo propellers" and "Door to Anywhere". Often, Nobita to go too far in using the equipment and instead fell into a bigger problem. That story is very simple, but because the author's skill to improvise in developing the story makes this anime is not tedious to watch and it's in is what makes this cartoon has many loyal fans and still watch to this day. Here be some collection of doraemon wallpaper, hope you like it.

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