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Amazing Natural Beauty Indonesia wallpaper

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Amazing Natural Beauty Indonesia wallpaper  |  Through my photographs, I just want to gather refresh your memory alone, that our country is so beautiful and rich. We are given a very rich country by the Lord with all potential resources, its natural beauty, cultural diversity, which is actually when used well and wisely we could be the greatest country in the world. But look at the state of this country now, open it to become the richest country in the world even in the category of poor countries. Take a look at our neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, they are just like us, almost the same language, race allied, but they can be far dozens of times more advanced with the natural wealth that is not nothing compared to have kiita.Look Singapore, see their achievement, can enter the country with the third highest GDP per capita and one of the world's economic center. Its area is only for the island of Batam! Imagine what we could be if this country if we are right.

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