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Malignant Sharks and Killer Whales

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Malignant Sharks and Killer Whales  |  Killer whales or Orca is often referred to as the largest species of the dolphin family. This species can be found throughout the oceans of the world, from the Utaram Pole, Antarctica to warm temperate areas. Killer whales are top predators in the ocean, mostly eating fish populations, while other populations consuming marine mammals such as sea lions, seals to great whales. even on 04 October 1997 off the coast of California in the United States were, a group of whale watchers are on traveling on the island of Farallon has recorded a unique occurrence of killer whales attacking adult white shark and then the shark eat. statement saying that sharks are predators that control the top of the food chain in the ocean were broken off because of the events in group life killer itu.paus they often hunt bersama.IUCN establish conservation status of killer whales is not known, because some different killer whale populations jenis.Beberapa local is threatened due to habitat loss, pollution, captured for marine mammal parks, and conflicts with fishermen

The following are photos of killer whales and sharks as ferocious meat eaters.

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